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John Simbeck's love for the automobile business was fueled by the service station his father, John Sr., operated in DuBois, Pennsylvania. In 1983, John and his longtime friend, Stephen Eastman, decided to go into business together. John and Stephen had previously worked together at Ray's Automotive in State College. Therefore, they had a lot of combined experience servicing vehicles.

John and Stephen opened Gemini together, so called because both men share the same birthday and Gemini is the zodiac sign of twins. They attached TAMR (Total Auto Maintenance and Restoration) to the name because Gemini was already registered by another company.

John and Stephen chose an automotive building dating back to 1924 to house Gemini Enterprises TAMR Inc. In June 2011, the business celebrated 28 years of operation with a customer base of more than 1,500.

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